What started as a family business 35 years ago has grown into a formidable company, thriving through successful partnerships with key international and empowerment stakeholders, our acquisition of farms, development of new generation orchards and the application of cutting edge, best practice technology.

Our core business is the production, packing and exporting of a full basket of citrus varieties.

All our own production is Fairtrade (FLO) accredited and our Rooibos is certified organic (Ecocert), and we adhere to stringent international accreditation standards.

We operate near the small town of Citrusdal, in the Western Cape of South Africa.

Our farms are situated along the Elephants River and flanked by the imposing Cederberg Mountains. The area enjoys a Mediterranean climate with hot summers and cold, wet winters, making it ideal for the production of novel varieties and citrus of the very highest standards. The region is free of phytosanitary citrus pests such as Citrus Blackspot, Greening and Citrus Canker.

We aim to position ourselves as a direct supplier to leading global retailers and selected target markets in the Americas, Europe and Asia. We predominantly export our own produce, complimented by the fruit of carefully selected grower partners.

Mouton Citrus is proudly owned by the Mouton family and its empowerment partners, including Mgro – an empowerment company representing our employees.

We strongly believe in creating a culture of acceptance of ownership at all levels of the organisation. Since 1985, there has been a conscious drive to empower core personnel at all levels of the organisation, through selection, training, leadership development, management participation and acceptance of ownership. Employees and participative management structures were ready for an empowerment deal based on solid business principles by 2002.

In 2002 Mgro Ltd (derived from ‘empowered growth’) bought 10.7% MCPL shares through Land Redistribution for Agricultural Development (LRAD) grants from the South African government, giving 236 workers direct and effective ownership. Shareholders have subsequently benefited from comprehensive growth in share value, performance bonuses, skills transfer, capacity building and social services.

MCPL continues to provide and facilitate a wide range of benefits including housing, electricity, water, sanitation, health care, child and elderly care, schooling and study bursaries, transport, sport facilities and social clubs.

Our Vision

We are a leading producer-packer-exporter of quality citrus and Rooibos tea with global alliances and partnerships


We create and grow a profitable, sustainable, competitive and empowered company based on sound business principles

Core values
  • Integrity
  • Excellence
  • Commitment
  • Respect
  • Stewardship
Empowerment philosophy

Broad based and inclusive, enhancing equality, quality of life, responsibility and ownership

Alliances & partnerships

The partnerships we choose and the way we expand our business is all about ‘growing with the winners’ – delivering to specific market requirements, maintaining high levels of customer service and increasing cost efficiency.

Business alliances

Carmién Tea is one of South Africa’s leading producers of quality packaged retail Rooibos tea products. The company is also a successful bulk tea exporter and private label packer to many countries around the globe. Carmién Tea markets all the Rooibos tea produced by Mouton Citrus.

Link Supply Chain Management (Pty) Ltd is a joint venture between five leading fruit producer exporters: Mouton Citrus, TRU-CAPE Fruit Marketing, Two-A-Day, Ceres Fruit Growers and the DuToit Group. The company focuses on sea and air transportation, local and overseas inland transportation, terminal operations, and clearing and forwarding formalities.

Citrus Juices is a fruit processing company co-owned by producers from the Citrusdal region and Cape Fruit Processors. All our local industrial grade product is processed at Citrus Juices.

Grower partners & packhouses

Our product basket is strengthened by the following grower partners and packhouses supplying their produce exclusively to Mouton Citrus:

  • Patrysberg
  • Nuseason
  • Hexrivier
  • JEA Trust
Industry memberships



Since 2007, Mouton Citrus farms have been Fairtrade accredited. With the social premiums earned, as well as through the support of the foundations of some of the retail clients we serve, our community project fund has increased substantially. This is known as the Mouton Foundation. Retail foundations that support us are:

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