When you are savouring a Mouton Citrus orange or sip our Rooibos tea, you will experience the kind of quality that can only come from decades of tireless commitment to excellence. Our customers demand food that is fresh, delicious, safe and convenient and we go out of our way to bring that to them in every single product.

Our quest for quality starts in the orchard. We are farmers at heart so from seedling to tree, from flower bud to citrus fruit, we carefully control every step of the growing process to ensure the world-class produce we are known for. The Mouton Citrus promise is that of ‘only the very best from our orchard to your table’. That means that we take every care to ensure the safety of our food while keeping a check on our impact on the environment through minimal spraying and a reduced carbon and water footprint.

Here are some examples of how we raise the bar in productivity, sustainability and quality of the product at farm level:

Production best practice

  • OHS (Open Hydroponic Drip Irrigation Systems) supply trees with just right daily optimal irrigation to achieve:
  • Increased production
  • Up to 30% saving in water per kg fruit produced
  • An expanded area of control by multi-skilled workers.
  • Innovative pruning practices enhance the quality of our fruit.
  • Quality management processes continuously measure internal and external quality characteristics to ensure that produce is harvested at optimal maturity.
  • Integrated pest management (IPM) programmes include:
    • Continuous pest monitoring to ensure optimal efficiency of our control programme and minimal pesticide usage.
    • Sterile Insect Technique Programme, XSIT, which provides full biological control against False Codlingmoth – you can find out more here: www.xsit.co.za

Quality assurance

Along the supply chain we continuously aim to improve our processes to ensure we meet our customer expectations and supply optimal quality.

Full product traceability: Starting right in the orchard, we have systems in place that can trace every fruit from tree to table.
Dedicated Quality Assurance team: Present at the packing of all products.
Demand driven marketing philosophy: We pack product on demand and deliver it to the final customer in as short time as possible.
Annual audits and certification: We undergo rigorous industry audits and certifications annually to review all of our systems and processes – see our accreditations here


Like any other product, our consumers are constantly looking for something new and fresh to enjoy in their fruit basket and we step up to the challenge to deliver that.
In addition, we continuously work at new ways to expand the availability of our product basket so that our great-tasting, fresh and convenient products can be enjoyed almost all year round. In our varietal block we are continuously evaluating more than 100 different new varieties in partnership with varietal companies.

We also constantly look at ways to improve our supply chain, from new production practices driving productivity, quality, environmental sustainability to new quality systems and processes.