Making a difference in our local communities and society as a whole is integral to our business philosophy. We believe in creating a workplace where our people are given opportunities to nurture their inborn talents and develop their leadership qualities. Through our work within the Mouton Foundation and other worthy environmental initiatives, we look at new ways to sustain future generations. Similarly, our empowerment programme aims to be proactive as we strive towards nationally inclusive solutions.

Mouton Foundation
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Mouton Foundation

Working to change lives in education, health, community development and facilities.

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Mouton Foundation

Looking after future generations

The Mouton Foundation is funded primarily through sales and has its basis in Fairtrade premiums generated through our association with retail foundations such as Albert Heijn and Waitrose. Funds generated in this regard are directly proportionate to the sales of our goods to these merchants.

A democratically elected management body made up of Mouton Citrus employees are tasked with the administering of the aforementioned means. Our projects are conducted within the following themes:


  • ECD (Early Child Development) centres (crèches): Three fully equipped and functioning centres, each with a dedicated curriculum specifically designed for the development of 3 to 5 year-olds. Teachers are trained monthly by the
  • Pebbles Project (
  • Aftercare facilities and programmes: These include computer access with software in place to enhance the learning experience.
  • Tertiary study bursaries: Provided to children of staff members who show great potential.


  • Full-time nursing sister: Operating a mobile health service.
  • Four health workers: Trained in collaboration with the Department of Health.
  • An internal newsletter: Featuring proactive, healthy living programmes, talks and regular awareness articles.

Community development

  • Holiday programmes: Including educational excursions for children
  • The Young Stars Youth Group: Consisting of local farm children who perform regularly at local events
  • Musical instruments: For adults and children
  • Elderly Club: Offering arts and crafts
  • Donations: To local schools
  • Soccer uniforms: Supplying 14 soccer teams, made up from our seasonal workforce.

Community facilities

  • Construction of Multipurpose Community Centre (MPCs) facilities for crèches, aftercare, a training hall, health programmes, social functions and general recreation.
  • Sport fields: Created a rugby/soccer field near our community centre.
  • Satellite television: In every household and access to internet in every community
  • Gardening equipment: Provided equipment for our employee to tend their own recreational and vegetable gardens.

Environmental Sustainability

Environmental Sustainability

We constantly work at creating synergy between agriculture and nature by using our natural resources in a sustainable way.

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Environmental Sustainability

Harmony between farming and nature

We constantly strive to achieve synergy between our agricultural activities and nature by using natural resources in sustainable and responsible ways. This goal is essential to the success of our business model.

Mouton Citrus farms within the beautiful Fynbos Biome of South Africa, renowned for its unique elements of biodiversity. Many of the plant varieties found here are endemic to the area.

Taking into account South Africa’s limited water resources, it becomes imperative that both the quantity and quality of fresh water is non-negotiable. Healthy crop production and, to a larger extent, the health of our environment depends on this factor. The major threats to biodiversity and water conservation are issues of habitat destruction, alien invasive plants and climate change.

We take the following precautions to ensure protection of the environment:

  • No harsh chemicals feature in the production of our crops.
  • We create habitat corridors across landscapes for the natural movement of fauna and flora.
  • We prohibit unlicensed hunting and reaping of wildflowers.
  • Raising environmental awareness amongst workers and their families living on-site.
  • Educating children about the importance of their role in relation to nature.
  • Preventative measures implemented regarding grazing in ecologically sensitive areas.
  • Extensive alien vegetation removal (especially in water catchment areas) to preserve water and biodiversity.
  • Membership of the Fire Protection Association, which regulates wild fires in the area.
  • Compilation of an extensive draft document pertaining to environmental management, in association with external consultants.
  • Detailed environmental impact assessments.
  • Proactive and preventative water pollution measures and quality control.
  • Implementation of drip irrigation to ensure effective water uptake ultimately ensuring 30% less water usage per tonnes citrus produced.
  • Installation of solar powered water geysers in staff quarters.



Our empowerment philosophy is broad-based and inclusive.

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Striving for all-round equality

Our empowerment philosophy is broad-based and inclusive. It promotes:

  • The enhancement of equality
  • Improvement of quality of life
  • Acceptance of ownership and responsibility

Currently the company has two empowerment projects. Emgro Ltd representing permanent personnel have a direct stake in Mouton Citrus and Ruigerivier farm which has majority empowerment shareholding.

In line with our empowerment philosophy of being broad based and inclusive, our empowerment shareholding is being restructured. Shareholders of Emgro Mouton Citrus Ltd are invited to the Annual General Meeting where the buy-back of their shareholding will be voted upon. Please find the notice of this meeting here:  Emgro Notice 17 July 2015