Mouton Foundation créches visit the West Coast Fire and Rescue Service Station

Fire and Rescue Service Visit  4  E

During April 2015  some of the children from The Mouton Foundation visited the West Coast Fire and Rescue Service Station.

The children enjoyed the active learning session where they could touch ,hear and see what fire fighting was all about.

DSC_1785They practiced STOP,DROP and ROLL and felt the power of water through a water hose.

They were also exposed to fire fighters in fire suites.The firemen ,with the suit, helmet, mask, tools, gloves can be scary and intimidating for the young. Now that they know how  firemen look, we know they won’t be fearful in the event that they should encounter one during a rescue.

The tour was exciting for all, with lots of laughter, activities and knowledge of fire safety.

We hope a fire will never affect us, but if it does we want our children to be prepared and practiced for it.

Thank you to all our Fire fighters out there keeping us and our environment safe.


The visit was inspired by the amazing work of our  brave men and woman who risked their lives fighting the fires  at Cape Town ,South Africa in the beginning of March 2015.

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